Reporters Association of Liberia calls for peaceful assembly in solidarity with the Mbayo’s.

LIBERIA: The Leadership of the Reporters Association of Liberia is calling on all of its members to assemble at the Paynesville City Court in solidarity with it’s members, Bettie Johnson Mbayo and her husband, Dr. Moses Mbayo.

It can be recalled that the Mbayo were reportedly ordered flogged by Representative Marvin Cole on grounds that their vehicle was parked at the edge of his fence in an alley.

Since the incident occurred two days ago, the Bong County District #3 Representative Marvin Cole has issued a lawsuit against the female reporter and her husband.

The Mbayo’s have been charged with felonious restraint, disorderly conduct and terroristic threat and have been given 48 hours to be bailed or go to jail.

According to the release gathering is intended call the judiciary to action making sure justice prevail.

“It is in this direction that we call on all reporters to please make your way at the Paynesville City Court Friday, January 21, 2022, at 10am in solidarity.”

Several Journalist and media institutions within the country have raised a red flag in the proceeding based on the failure of the justice system to carryout a full investigation in the matter before charging the Mbayo’s.

Source: Reporters Association of Liberia.


Rep. Beyan D. Howard

By: J. Boimah Johnson
Email.jangarjohnson @ gmail. com.

Several students of the government run Gleh Elementary, Jr and semi Senior High School in Ganglota, Salayea district have lauded Lofa County district #5, representative.Cllr Beyan Duyan Howard for paying their school fees, for academy year 2021/ 2022.

The payment came as the result of the students appeal made to Hon. Howard in early September of this year, when the honorable man paid a curtsey visit to the people of Ganglota.

Presenting 50,000 Liberian Dollars on behalf of hon. Howard to the administration of Gleh Elementary, Jr and Semi Senior High School, the Administrative Assistant to Rep Howard, Mr.Flomo Z. Johnson narrated that the money was his boss own way of giving back to those struggling students who could not afford to pay their school fees due to the economy crisis in the country.

According to Rep. Howard administrative assistant 20 students from the institution are now benefitting from the scholarship program of the developmental lawmaker office, as he continues to educate more citizens from the two districts.

The scholarship program which has brought smile to struggling parents and self supporters as the result of their children being in school through the kind gesture of rep. Beyan Duyan Howard.

Mr. Johnson recounted that honorable. Howard concern is to see the improvement of Zorzor and Salayea districts in all sectors, especially education, quality health care, agriculture among other , for the growth and development of district #5.

Receiving the money on behalf of the insttitution principal John Kerkulah lauded Hon. Howard for the gesture toward struggling students who are finding it difficult to acquire quality education due to the lack of funding, especially those students who are supporting themselves in school.

The principal how ever challenged those beneficiaries to take advantage of the scholarship by putting in more time to study their lessons in order to make a successful pass in the school, as a means of encouraging Hon. Beyan Duyan Howard to do more.

Some of the students who spoke to Image Tv appreciated Hon. Howard for going on their aid in order to pay their school fees.

” we are so happy to be part of honorable. Howard scholarship, let me just explain little bit about this scholarship issue, in September of this year, our lawmaker paid a visit in our town to have a town hall discussion with the inhabitants, based on that some of us as students who were around gathered ourself together and wrote our names and presented it to Hon. Howard requesting him to help provide scholarship for us, and he accepted to do that, today we are very happy to hear that our school fees have been paid by our talk and do lawmaker” said the students.

The students however used the medium to called on their district lawmaker to include more students on his scholarship in the institution next academic year, the scholarship program targets students from grade 1 to grade 10 in Gleh.

Some of the parents who joyfully spoke to reporter, thanks Rep. Howard for taking burden on their head for this academic year and stated that it was a total relief for them.

“Some of us were thinking, where to take money from to send our children to school, why thinking on that, my children came to me and said mama we are on Hon. Howard scholarship for this academic year, I thought they were joking, but hearing today that my children school fees have been paid by this man, I want to tell him thanks and God will keep blessings him to do more for our children, we are also calling on humanitarian, good will individual and the government of Liberia to help provide scholarship for our children”, some of the parents said.

Since the election of Hon. Howard in 2017, as lawmaker for district #5, in Lofa County, he continues to impact the lives of some citizens across the two districts, through capacity building.

Despite Budget allocation, nothing Tangible can be seen in our Constituents. Says Milton Teahjay

Sinoe County Senator Milton Teahjay has pleaded with his collogues and the leadership of the Liberian Senate to add additional funds for legislative projects by Lawmakers in the country.

Delivering on his legislative engagement during the recent closure, the Sinoe County Senator alarmed over the many difficulties Lawmakers experienced during the implementation of basic social and infactstructure projects across the country.

His call comes barely few weeks of Public Outcries about Liberian Lawmakers receiving huge allowances and benefits in the country’s shattered economy.

The Sinoe county senator at the same time questioned the workings of various ministries and agencies in the country.

According to Senator Teahjay, they as lawmakers in the country are finding it difficult to deliver to their various constituents due to the lack of sufficient funds.

West Africa facing inequality crisis, Oxfam warns

West African governments are planning to “slash and burn” their way out of Covid-19 induced economic loss, a new report from Oxfam says.

The development charity says that the policies could bring new levels of inequality.

Its report singled out Nigeria as the worst performing West African country when it came to tackling inequality going into the pandemic.

It said that the country’s health spending is the third-lowest in the world at 3.6% of GDP, and that 40% of its population does not have access to healthcare services.

The new financial analysis by Oxfam and Development Finance International also scored Sierra Leone low on its index of countries committed to reducing inequality in Africa.

The report warned that any massive cut on public finances could push millions more West Africans into poverty and hunger.

Oxfam is calling for urgent large-scale investment in education, health and social protection.


Statement from the Head of Delegation of the European Union to Liberia, Ambassador Laurent Delahousse

Monrovia, 8 October 2021

Tuesday morning at the Monrovia City Forum on Solid Waste Management, I shared in my public remarks some impressions on the situation of waste collection in the city that I have felt since my arrival in Liberia a year ago.

These comments were meant as a wake-up call to Monrovians to change their practices of littering and to improve the waste management system that is financially supported by the European Union and implemented by the city, community-based enterprises and SMEs and other stakeholders.

In no way were my remarks intended to disparage anyone or to affect the reputation of the beautiful capital city of Liberia. In no way was my intention to take a political stance that would be absolutely contrary to my ethics and mission as a diplomat.

I sincerely apologize to the Government of Liberia and anyone feeling misrepresented by these remarks and I willingly retract the exaggerated wording that I used.

I confirm my engagement and that of the European Union on the side of the City of Monrovia and the Government of Liberia to improve the lives of the citizens of the capital city and of all Liberians.

Laurent DelahousseAmbassador, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Liberia

LOFA AND ITS MISHAPS…-A home of attraction but barely developed… Part 4!

-A home of attraction but barely developed… Part 4! By: Titus W. Tokpah,. Sr.
(AA, BBA, Cand.-MPA)
Founder/Executive Director, MediaAid Foundation
(Peter Quaqua School of Journalism-PQSJ)

Over the last few days, I have heavily engaged myself by imagining, thinking and putting together some feature write-outs on one of Liberia’s largest 15 political subdivisions, Lofa County. This article will bring out some of the best and key sceneries that Liberia can positively exploit to impact Lofa and its people. This article also closes the chapter on my journey to that part of the country.

Located in the northern part of Liberia, Lofa as a whole, is hilly, mountainous and surrounded and engulfed by huge forestlands, valleys, beautiful wildlifes, etc .. Some of these mountains are mainly situated around the provincial city of Voinjama. Walking down the streets of the city, you look up and see beautiful mountains afar with a cloudy sky in the back.

Standing on top of some of the mountains like Mount Kintorma, you overlook the entire Voinjama. Though, a city with poor infrastructure, the sceneries alone attract and leave visitors with a  lifetime memory.

One mountain over which some  Lofains have been raising alarms with past and current governments is Mount Wologisi. Both Chinese and Indian mining companies have been attempting to get a greenlight from the Liberian Government to mine Wologisi but to no avail.

Given the number of mountains and other natural resources that engulfed Lofa, should the people continue to resist legitimate mining attempts or be investor friendly and negotiate a win-win agreement through the government?

In my mind, there’s a strong need for eminent Lofains to think and unite around innovative ideas to expose the county’s undeveloped tourism sector. These beautiful mountains and other sectors can be tapped upon by tourists, if the county opens up for positive investments.

I keep using the word “positive investments” because given the bad history of the so-called Alpha Logging Company and other investments as mentioned in one of my previous articles, the people of Lofa must be franked, firmed but friendly with any investor who intends to exploit their resources. Such an investment whether exploration or exploitation must have a triggered down effect on the locals, not just those on top.

There must be a ‘bottom to top approach’ distribution of whatever benefits accrued from the mining of these mountains or forestlands.

Developing some of these historical sites near Voinjama could also attract and open doors for more business opportunities and get residents from other counties to take vacation or holidays there.

Any serious administration could use the Lofa tourism development proposal as very welcoming a case study to open up all hidden tourism sites throughout Liberia, ex: the wonderful Kpatawee Waterfalls in Bong, Blue Lake in Bomi, Lakes Piso and Shepherd in Cape Mount and Maryland respectively.

These sites shall contribute immensely towards the national revenue intake, and would limit the country’s capital flight. Liberian parents including me would feel much better to take our kids on weekends at these beautiful locally-made recreational and tourism areas, instead of flying abroad.

Hope the current Liberian Government and future administration (s) can see reason to explore and develop the Virgin tourism sectors around us!

Thanks for reading…

Amb. Clarence H Cole, calls on the youths of Liberia to refuse the tradition of consistently being used as tools for violence.

On Tuesday, September 21, 2021 scores of youths under the theme; #PEACE; The Source of Sustainable Development gathered in the Capitol City of Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County in Liberia and held series of dialogues with the youths on the importance of maintaining the peace as Liberia prepares to go to it’s general and Presidential Elections comes 2023.

During the just ended midterm Senatorial elections (December 2020), the country noticed series of violence that allegedly resulted in the lost of lives, property damaged, serious bodily injuries, etc.

These situations were highly involved and supported by the Young people who make up over 63% of the country’s population.

Delivering the keynote address for this year Peace Day, Amb. Clarence H Cole , a youth coach and developer lauded the Youth Partnership Hub Liberia and partnering Organizations for organizing such a great platform and called on the youths of Liberia to refuse the tradition of consistently being used as tools for violence.

Amb. Cole further stressed that no matter the political indifference, young people should always remember that until our approaches are constructive and issue driven, Liberia can never developed.

Meanwhile, the second and third Speakers for their parts called on the youths to remain united as above all, Liberia shall remain our common place.

Climaxing the program, the Chairlady and chief organizer; Madam #Amina_Johnet_Watson of the Youth Partnership Hub Liberia, lauded the support of the various youth groups and expressed her gratitude on behalf of the youths, to the Office of the City Mayor of Robertsport City.

Madam Watson reaffirmed the Youth Partnership Hub Liberia commitment to working with youth led Organizations in Liberia.

SOURCE:. Youth Partnership Hub / YOLEAF NETWORK

Together We Lead ✊✊




MONROVIA-Newly-accredited Nigerian AMBASSADOR to Liberia, Godfrey A.E. ODUDIGBO, fdc., has renewed his governments’ continuous partnership with the Ministry of National Defense in enhancing the professionalization of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL).

AMBASSADOR ODUDIGBO said his government will continue to expand the already existing bilateral relations between Liberia and Nigeria with strategic focus on the Ministry of National Defense and the AFL, stressing that “We are on this journey of beefing up our bilateral cooperation together.”

The Ambassador made these statements on Wednesday, September 23, 2021, when he paid a courtesy call on Liberia’s Defense Boss, Major General Daniel D. Ziahnkahn, Jr., (Rtd.), at his Barclay Training Center office.

For his part, Minister Ziahnkahn assured the Nigerian Ambassador of continued relationship, “I cherish our own relationship and I hope we will continue this relationship.”

The Defense Boss appreciated the Nigerian Government for seconding two of her best military officers, late Lt. General Luka Nyeh Yusuf and late Major General Suraj Alao Abdurrahman to help in rebuilding the AFL. He particularly praised their leadership and mentoring roles during their tours of duties in Liberia.

The Defense Minister indicated that the Nigerian Government continues to play a vital role in training, equipping and mentoring personnel of the Armed Forces of Liberia and staffers of the Ministry of National Defense through the ECOWAS Advisory Training Team and wide-ranging training programs.

While wishing the Nigerian Ambassador all the best during his tour of duty in Liberia, Minister Ziankahn said, “We are committed partners based on our deeper African solidarity and friendship with Nigeria.”

Signed: _____________________
Hon. Sam K. Collins

Monrovia Central Prison irrefutably becomes a Dungeon of Pain, Agony, Death Regional Watch for Human Rights PCP Report reveals

LIBERIA: After touring major prison facilities across Liberia, the Regional Watch for Human Rights has labeled the Monrovia Central Prison (MCP) as a dungeon of pain, agony and death.

The Regional Watch for Human Rights  PCP report recently released in Monrovia covered three departments at the Ministry of Justice.

Speaking doing a press conference held in Monrovia, the regional coordinator for the RWHR, Cllr. Tola Thompson Adebaryor, stated that the report was also intended to authenticate the persistent overcrowding at prison facilities and to uncover factors that lead to prison congestion in Liberia.

According to Cllr. Adebaryor The Rights group alarm was contained in it’s Police to Court-Court to Police (PCP) Report released at its 17th Street office in Sinkor, Monrovia recently.

He pointed out that some of the prison cells were constructed to accommodate atmost five inmates, but on the contrary approximately 270 to 300 inmates are in a cell supervised by two correction officers. The human rights lawyer at the same noted that said action is an act of triviality by successive governments.

He added that in 2015 the Regional Watch for Human Rights conducted a nationwide prison tour aimed at identifying and   alleviating the suffering of prisoners, but contrarily the place continues to grow from worse to ridiculous every day; particularly the Monrovia CentralPrison.

The report also highlighted International Laws and standard practices of“Mandela Rules”, that says regardless of crime

Committed by person no one shall be subjected to any inhuman or degrading treatment or held in slavery or servitude.

Cllr Adebaryor told reporters that the Rights group obtained a permit from the Ministry of Justice to conduct prison visitation in Four Counties so as to follow up the gap UNMIL might have left behind and to also get  response to public outcry of appalling prison conditions in Liberia. Regional Watch for Human Rights “fromPolicetoCourtandCourt

Cllr. Adebaryor uncovered that commercialization of justice has been the major cause of congestion in prisons where Magistrates, County

Attorney and Judges are capitulated into corrupt practices, treating misdemeanor offenses with levity just to demand money from the offenders or he or she gets rotten in prison once the individual can not meet up with such demand;

First degree felonious crimes such as armed-robbery, rape, murder etc. are being used to keep offenders in prison. The report further revealed.

Additionally, the regional coordinator of the human  rights group disclosed that they also discovered that about 90% of Liberia

prisons are occupied by pre-trial detainees that have been  behind bars for two  to five years without trial, that which can be attributed to some sort of bottleneck created by magistrates, County–Attorney and Judges who normally

Conduct preliminary proceedings, while some don’t even have case files not to talk of alleged crime

Committed by them. He termed such attitude as unimaginable and terrible things that shouldn’t be seen in our prisons.

By: Tarr UB. Garnett. 0779053146

Liberia Legislative Delegation to Rwandan Touches the Soil

Rwanda: Liberia’s legislative delegation to Rwandan headed by House Speaker, Dr. Bhofal Chambers has arrived in the country. The legislative delegation Departed the country on Wednesday, September 8, 2021 and touched soil on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 after two weeks of intensive interactions and engagements with their Rwandans counterparts. According to a released from the Honorable House of Representatives, Representatives Johnson Gwaikolo and Matthew Zarzar also accompanied speaker Chambers to honor the invitation of the Chamber of Deputies, Rt. Hon. Mukabalisa Donatilles of the Rwandan Parliament. Speaking with legislative reporters Speaker Chambers stated that they held discussions aimed at strengthening relations between both parliaments.

According to speaker Chamber the both parliaments shared Experiences and processes in order to improve Governance for Efficiency and Effectiveness for the benefits of every citizen. Speaker Chambers also lauded President Paul Kagame for his vision that is positively affecting the progress of his country.

The released added that while the legislative delegation was in Kigali, members of the delegation also visited the Kigali genocide memorial where Dr. Chambers laid a wreath expressing sympathy to those that lost their lives.

Also speaking, Representative Matthew Zarzar, Chairman on Election and inauguration disclosed that discussions held at the Rwandan Parliament was aimed at strengthening relations between the two Parliaments.

For his part, speaker Donatilles informed the Liberian delegation that both Parliaments have shared insights into legislative activities that can be of mutual benefits for both countries.

Meanwhile, Dr. Chambers informed reporters that the Rwandan speaker is obliged to visit Liberia soon. According to speaker Chambers, speaker Donatille visits will surround strengthening the relations of both Parliaments.

By: Tarr UB. Garnett 0779053146/0880870438

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