Ministry Of Information Cultural Affairs And Tourism Orders Voice Of Pleebo Re-Open.

For Immediate Release 

Monrovia, March 18, 2021: The attention of the Ministry of Information, Culture Affairs and Tourism has been drawn to a news report stating that the Voice of Pleebo Community Radio Station in Pleebo, Maryland County, has been shut down by the Pleebo City Mayor, Wellington Kyne.

The Ministry has begun an investigation into the matter, working in consultation with the Press Union of Liberia and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, with a view of ascertaining what led to the abrupt closure of the station by the Mayor; but it wishes to emphasize that the Liberian Government has neither sanctioned nor endorsed the Voice of Pleebo’s closure and has no part to play in the entire saga. 

MICAT advises the local authorities to restore the station’s  broadcast, pending an amicable resolution of issues that led to the closure.

The Ministry wants to reiterate that the Administration of President George M. Weah is committed to creating conditions necessary for a pluralistic media environment which is free of intimidation and muzzling regardless of dissenting views.

Meanwhile, the Government of Liberia  emphasizes that MICAT remains the sole government agency clothed with the authority of regulating the media. It therefore urges everyone to ensure that its functions are not usurped. 


            Ledgerhood J. Rennie

House Of Representatives Order The Printing Of New Bank Notes.

MONROVIA: The Legislature has approved the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) request to print a new family of banknotes in the tune of LD 48,734 billion.

The Legislature’s authorization is aimed at replacing all the old family banknotes in circulation on the Liberian market.

The lawmakers unanimously voted to grant the CBL the permission to print the new money on yesterday during its 19th day sitting following the signing of a resolution by majority members of the House of Representatives.

According to the representatives’ resolution read in plenary by the Deputy Chief Clerk, Cephas Geeplay, some US$45, 522 should be used as the printing cost while the denomination to printed by the CBL shall include LD20s; 50s; 100s and 500s, noting that there will be no more printing of LD5s and 10s as well as the recommended LD 1, 000 bill.

“The CBL shall arrange with the printer an appropriate payment plan considering the budget of the bank and that plan shall be with the Legislature responsible committees accordingly and the Legislature in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) shall make available the additional funding in the amount required for the full replacement through budgetary appropriation,” the lawmakers’ resolution contained.

Accordingly, the lawmakers’ Resolution emphasized that, “The CBL shall ensure that there is adequate legal terms put in place to manage the currency reform process. The CBL shall also develop a currency management strategy with a reform and strong internal control system.”
The Resolution pointed out that, “The CBL shall ensure an internal financial and system audit as well as risk mitigating measure to safeguard the reform process.”

The Resolution furthered stated that, “The CBL shall notify the National Legislature of the actual volume and value of currencies printed and imported into the country at every interval from 2021 to 2023.”

“That the replacement shall only be done through the CBL, the commercial banks and designated financial institutions regulated and supervised by the CBL with straight supervision and monitoring by the CBL,” the lawmakers stated in its Resolution.

Meanwhile, in defense of the Resolution which was overwhelmingly signed by his colleagues, the Montserrado County District #16 Representative who is the Chairperson on the Committee on Banking and Currency, Dixon Seboe, lauded his colleagues for signing the Resolution with a notation that the printing of the new family banknotes will bring some relief to the country’s economy.

Rep. Seboe added that the initial monies to be printed by the CBL will be over LD35.7 billion, emphasizing that their decision is triggered by various indicators such as money demand and money supply, among others and that it is intended to ensure that over the space of three years, such demand and supply for money would be under control.

As It can be recalled that sometime this year, the CBL wrote the Legislature requesting that august body to grant them the approval to print a consignment of new family banknotes in the tune of LD48, 734, billion with a printing cost of US$45,522,000 within three years beginning from 2021 to 2023.

The CBL in its letter to the Legislature further informed that them about the denominations in which this new family of the banknotes are to be printed when approved and those which would have been omitted.

Young Image Builders Donates to Two Orphanages in the City of Paynesville and Margibi County.

LIBERIA-As a means of contributing to the well-being of vulnerable and Less-fortunate kids in Liberia a non profitable organization named Young Image Builders have donated food and non food items to two orphanages in the country.

The items donated included 4 bags of 25kg rice, Toiletries and some clothing were presented to caretakers of the Christian Association of the Blind and the Phebee Gray Orphanage Homes along the Roberts Field Highway.

Making the presentation of the items on Saturday January 9, 2021, the Program Director of the organization Mr. D. Arbar Sewarlu said the donation was the organization own way of  contributing to the smooth running of the orphanages.

“We are here today to share with you the little God has blessed us with and so as to help in the smooth running of the your orphanage and hope that you guys can use them wisely”.

According to him they as an institution understand the difficulties owners of orphanages experience in their strive to cater to the kids couple with the current state of the country’s economy and thought it wise to help in their own weak way.

” we know the difficulties you guys go through on a daily basis in providing the needs of these kid and we know that some times it gets so tough that you want to give up but I say to you today do not give because God got your back”.

He at the same time called on philanthropist, Humanitarians,and we’ll meaning Liberians to help orphanages across the country meets the need of those they are taking care of.

Receiving the items on behalf of their various institutions the administrator of both Orphanages extended their thanks and appreciation to the organization for their kind gestures.

Disable Man in Bong Wants Assistance To Acquire Higher Education.

By :J Boimah Johnson Email:

Bong County_A disable man in Bong County has lunched an appeal to humanitarians, non governmental organizations and the group of 77 to help people living with disabilities in the rural part of Liberia.

Speaking to journalist in Bong County, Mr. Austin Leaylea disclosed that they as persons with disabilities have been rejected by their family members, friends and their leaders, something he described as a distressing situation for them.

He said they as person with disabilities are also important in the society, but have been down play because of their ailment in society.

Austin Leaylea who is an resident of Bong County, said people living with disabilities in the rural part of Liberia continue to face lot of challenges ranging from lack of support from their family members, friends and leaders in the country.

Mr Leaylea who is a 2009/2010 graduate of the St Peter’s Episcopal High School in Gbarnga, is calling on well meaningful citizens to help him further his education at college level in other to acquire higher education.

He told newsman that since his graduation from high school, he is yet to receive help from family members neither friends to enable him acquire higher education.
The 31, years old disable who is eager to further his education told reporters that they as people living with disabilities in the rural part of Liberia have been abandoned by disable grouping in the country.

He wants the mother arm of all the disable groups, in Liberia to focus on people living with disabilities in the rural areas in other to improve their living conditions, stating that if the opportunity is given him to further his education at the higher level, the country stands to benefit from him as a disable Man living in Bong County.

He furthered that his request is not based on what he can generate and put in his pocket, but what will improve him and other disable persons in the society.
“If I am well educated today, I believe that, I can serve my country with passion and dignity despite my my living condition Mr Leaylea said.

He encouraged people living with disabilities to always focus on their goals in life and wait for God time for their betterment in society.

Mr. Austin Leaylea then called on citizens of Bong county, humanitarians, non governmental organizations, and the government of Liberia to help sponsor people living with disabilities in acquiring higher education.

Press Union of Liberia in collobration with UNDP ends Two Days Training with Journalists in Gbarnga, Bong County.

Gbarnga, Bong County _The Press Union of Liberia in collobration with the United Nations Development program has ended  two days intensive training for journalists on the coverage of covid -19 pandemic.

The training which was held in Gbarnga under the theme, Proper communication the way in fighting coronavirus,, brought journalists together from Bong, Lofa, Nimba, Grand Gedeh,  Maryland, River Gee, and Grand Kru counties respective, the training which was basically focusing on how journalist should report on coronavirus issues and other health matter on their radio stations across the country.

At the end of the two days training the president of the press Union of Liberia Mr Charles B. Coffey jr, admonished journalists to always report health issues on their respective radio stations in their various counties as they return home.

Mr Coffey Stated that journalist should always report the fact especially on the issue of coronavirus in combating COVID_19 out of Liberia.

The PUL president wants journalists to fill in the gap now by creating awareness for community dwellers in preventing themselves from the coronavirus.

Mr Charles B Coffey, jr encouraged participants of the two days training to served as ambassadors in their various communities by  spreading the information about the deadly coronavirus.

He said journalist focus should not just be on reporting political stories, but should always report on happing in the health sector in other to save the country from diseases.

Mr Coffey Stated that if journalists of Liberia keep providing the necessary awareness about  the deadly coronavirus in other to help buttress the government effort on the community radio stations across the country, citizens of the country stand to defeat the virus by combating it.

For their part two participants of the the training extended commandation to the Press Union of Liberia and UNDP for organizing such of unique training for journalists.

Mr .Samuel Kplaiwru and Madam. Esther Natela Scott promised that the knowdgele acquired by them will be used in other to transform the society positively.

The two participants said they as journalists will continue to work in the interest of the masses in the country by providing accuracy, balance, and clear information.

Meanwhile Esther Natela Scott of Smile FM in  Grand Gedeh County also recommended to the Press Union of Liberia to see reason and include more females in the journalism’s field in the rural parts of Liberia.

Madam Scott said most of the media House’s in the rural area have been control by her male counterpart, something she described as unbalanced in the media sector of Liberia.

The female journalist from the South Eastern recommended to stations manger through the Press Union of Liberia to give women the opportunity to serve as news editor, station manger, head of production among other.

District Education Officer Promised to Strengthen Education Activities In His District in Bong County.

By: J. Boimah JohnsonEmail:

Gbarnga, Bong County_The newly appointed District Education Officer of Gbarnga School District one has promised to strengthen all academic activities in his District.

Mr David Gbokay who was recently appointed as District Education Officer by the Ministry of Education, is charged with the responsible to supervise all academic activities in the District and report to the County Education Officer.

Speaking to our BongCounty correspondent , Mr Gbokay said he will make sure all instructors of schools that are under his control be monitor regularly especially public schools in order to create smooth learning envirnment for students across his District

Mr .Gbokay who served as principal for the government run John Flomo Bakalu Elementary, Jr and Semi Senior High School in Gbarnga, Bong County said all public schools instructors are to live by the mandate of the government and follow all government instructions.

The Gbarnga School District one DEO, has warmed all instructors that are on government payroll to always be regular on their various campuses, on time to avoid future embarrassment.

He further stated that any public school teacher that will be involved in the wont of missing their schedule without the authorization from the school administration or the District Education Officer, will bear the full  weight of their actions.

Mr. Gbokay who worked as class room instructor for over ten years, and was later appointed as principal for the government run John Flomo Bakalu Elementary, Jr and Semi Senior High School, and now appointed as District Education Officer for Gbarnga School district one, has promised to work with schools administration in order to improve the education sector of the County, especially his District.

He said his appointment as District Education Officer did not come as a surprise, because of the level of work he continues to do in the county, especially providing quality education for the younger generation and his qualifications as well.

Mr Gbokay extended commendation to the Ministry of Education for appointing him as District Education Officer and promised to work according to the guild lines of the Ministry.

“I remain supportive to the Senatorial Bid of Liberia Deputy Speaker”—-says former electoral District #3, Representative of Bong county.

By: J Boimah Johnson

Gbarnga, Bong County_Former Representative of Electoral District #3, in Bong County and now called the dreamer says he remains supportive to the Senatorial Bid of Liberia Deputy Speaker, Prince K Moye.

Appearing on one of the community radio stations in Gbarnga, Bong County over the weekend, Honorable George S. Mulbah stated that his support to Liberia Deputy Speaker remain unbending and unstoppable in the county by anyone.

The former lawmaker of Electoral District #3, who is a senior member of the National Patriotic Party that is also part of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), has vowed not to support the candidacy of the Coalition for Democratic Change candidate senator Henry Willie Yallah in the county.

Honorable Mulbah who was recently alleged by some supporters of the Coalition for Democratic Change on the social media in the county that he has been appointed as Co_Chair on the campaign committee of the Coalition for Democratic Change, Bong chapter, said the allegation was fallacious and unfounded.

Honorable Mulbah promised to campaign against Senator Yallah, who won the primary in Bong County by white ballot, making him to be the candidate for the Coalition for Democratic Change, that comprises of three political parties, the Congress for Democratic Change(CDC), Liberia People Democratic Party (LPDP), and the National Patriotic Party (NPP).

Honorable George S. Mulbah who served in the 52nd and 53rd National Legislature has now become a praise singer to Liberia Deputy Speaker Prince K. Moye.

The former lawmaker who Many citizens of the county referred to him as dreamer, Said his quest to support, Honorable Moye came at the result of senator Henry Willie Yallah fighting him in the 2017 general and presidential elections by supporting his office assistant James Kamara who works in the senator office at that time.

“I will support CDC candidates but not in Bong County, because I am fully supporting the Senatorial Bid of the opposition Collaborating Political Parties candidate, Honorable Prince K. Moye to become the next senator for Bong County”, former district #3 lawmaker , Honorable George S. Mulbah said.

It can be recalled that the vice president of the republic of Liberia, also vowed not to support the Senatorial Bid of senator Henry Willie Yallah as candidate contesting on the Coalition for Democratic Change ticket, in the pending senatorial election in the country.

The the former District #3 lawmaker said he was one person that encouraged honorable Moye to contest for the Senatorial race in the county.

He stated that he will not forsake the struggle, neither leave the Deputy Speaker along the road side, and support someone that plugged against him by supporting another candidate in his district to unseat him.

Voters Roll Update Risked Being Cancelled as The Colaborating Political Party files legal action against National Election Commission.

The Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) comprising of the All Liberian Party, Alternative National Congress, Liberty Party and the Unity Party have filed legal actions to the Supreme Court of Liberia against the National Election Commission (NEC) for alleged several electoral offenses.

Amongst many issues in the legal documentation is the uncontrollable voters trucking, refusal of the National Election Commission to clean up the Voter Roll amongst others.

The opposition CPP accuses NEC of engaging in a voter roll update basically characterized by fraud and illegality; wrongfully proceeding by piling up the already messy voter roll.

CPP Leader, Alexander B. Cummings, Benoni W. Urey, Nyonblee Karnga Lawrwnce and Joseph N. Boakai, members of the CPP Legislative Caucus, candidates for CPP December 8 Senatorial election and leaders of the four constituent parties lead the parade to the court where the legal team of the body filed official papers.

As of Wednesday September 23, 2020 CPP informed leaders of the constituent political parties, members of the CPP’s Legislative Caucus, all candidates for the December 2020 Senatorial Elections, members of the Advisory Council, Executive Committee and Secretariat of the CPP, to assemble at the Headquarters of the Liberty Party to escort the CPP’s Legal Team to the Supreme Court for the filing of Legal Actions against the National Elections Commission.

Meanwhile a member of the ruling party Acarous Gray termed their action as a scare tactics meant to render the election unfair even before the process commences.

He told a local radio that the opposition establishment should man up and go to the December polls that is expected to be free, fair and transparent.

Liberia Medical and Dental Council (LMDC), rejects government of Liberia recent decision to ‘replace striking Health Workers.

The Liberia Medical and Dental Council (LMDC), has rejected the government of Liberia recent decision to ‘replace striking Health Workers and calls for recruitment of professionals to fill in the gap describing it as unfair and unjust to health workers’ who are always in the front line putting their lives at risk..

The LMCD in a release issue this evening September 21, 2020 strongly condemns the government statement and reminds the Government of the many healthcare workers who died during the time of Ebola and the current COVID 19 pandemic and calls on the government to seriously attend to the requests of the health workers and not ignore their concerns as this could adversely affect the entire health care delivery system of the country.

“The LMDC is taken aback by this decision when frantic efforts are being made through dialogue to persuade health workers to return to work while trying to find a solution to the impasse;”

“The LMDC sees this action on the part of the Government of Liberia “to recruit qualified health workers of different grades to fill the void in the interim “as a threat to unnecessarily undermine its efforts to ensure that Liberians have access to quality healthcare services irrespective of race, tribe, religious and political affiliation.”

As it may be recalled, the government of Liberia in a release recently mandated Liberia’s Health Minister Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah to replace all striking Health workers and begin soliciting applications from qualified health workers including nurses, nurse aides, midwives, lab technicians.
” The LMDC opposes this decision to replace striking health workers with others who may end up being treated the same way as the pending replacements and therefore calls on the Government of Liberia to withdraw said statement which is tantamount to a threat to the entire health workforce of Liberia including doctors and other health related providers.

Opting for recruitment will further threaten LMDC/LMDA efforts to save lives that may be unnecessarily lost due to the protracted strike action and must be discouraged.”

“The statement from the Ministry of Health comes on the eve when the LMDC has extensively engaged the leadership of the health workers and the professional bodies and boards to a roundtable meeting to continue the dialogue while providing essential health services to the people and residents of Liberia. LMDC sees this action by the MOH to be chaotic and immature taken into account the length of time in training of health workers requires to be different from other occupations.” LMDC release noted.

Meanwhile, the LMDC is equally calling on the Government of Liberia, through the Ministry of Health, to address some of the counts raised by the health workers, especially those that are considered ‘low hanging fruits.

“Therefore, the LMDC wishes to suggest the following: (1) a six (6) month tax waiver on the salaries of all healthcare workers, (2) prioritize front line workers for hazard payments (those in administration can be considered later), (3) MOH to announce the commencement of payments and benefits to victims and families of COVID 19 health workers that died as soon as possible, (4) GOL to temporarily halt the retirement of healthcare workers for now, (5) NAHWUL and MOH to seek independent legal advice about the existence and functions of NAHWUL, (5) set up committee to look into the issue of salary adjustment and (6) set up other committees to address other issues raised by the healthcare workers.”

“The LMDC wishes to express its commitment to the healthcare profession and the well being of healthcare providers and, most importantly, the well being of patients.

According to The release, LMDC strongly believes in a win-win situation and encourages all parties to continue with the dialogue in amicably resolving this grave matter. The LMDC equally rejects the idea of “putting off fire with fire”. Two wrongs can never make things right. The LMDC has always stood up for the best quality care for the people of Liberia and will never waiver to continue in such direction by putting the safety and lives of our citizens and residents within Liberia first. In fact, that is the reason why a skeleton staff is always provided for emergency care at the various health centers to save lives and not disrupt the emergency care provided for the patients.” The LMDC release concluded.

The Liberia Anti Corruption Commission Investigative Report About The Controversial 25 Million Mop Up Exercise Carried Out By The Ministry Of Finance And Other Government Agencies Has Surface Citing Several Discrepancies And Irregularities In The Implementation Of The Mop-Up Exercise.

At long last an investigative report done by the LACC about the controversial 25 million mop up exercise carried out by the ministry of finance and other government agencies has surfaces citing several discrepancies and irregularities in the implementation of the mop-up exercise.

As it can be recall the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) was mandated On May 28, 2019 by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) through a communication (ref. FMD/M-AG/MOJ/178/’19/RL) signed by the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Republic of Liberia, Cllr. Frank Musah Dean, Jr., to launch a full scale investigation into matters and issues emanating from the General Auditing Commission (GAC)’s Audit Report entitled “On Applying the Agreed Upon Procedures of the US$ 25 Million Mop-up Exercise conducted by the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) as mandated by the Technical Economic Management Team (TEMT)

Upon receipt of the GAC’s Audit Report from the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), the LACC Investigation Team immediately carried out an assessment of the report to establish probable cause for a full scale corruption investigation into matters and issues emanating from the said report. 

Assessment of the GAC’s Audit Report shows that US$ 25 million was approved by the Government of Liberia (GoL) on July 16, 2018 to enable the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) intervene in the foreign exchange market for the purpose of stabilizing the exchange rate between the Liberian and United States dollars; and to mop-up excess Liberian dollars liquidity from the market. Accordingly, the said amount was to be drawn on the CBL International Foreign Exchange Reserve Account held at the Federal Bank of New York in the United States of America (USA).

The GAC’s Audit Report indicates that there is no evidence that support the withdrawal of US$25 million from the CBL International Foreign Exchange Reserve Account held with the Federal Bank of New York in relation to the US$25Million Mop-up Exercise; rather the said amount was drawn on the CBL Operational United States dollars (USD) account held at the CBL Head Office in Monrovia, Liberia.

The GAC’s Audit Report shows that, of the Two hundred eighty one (281) businesses the CBL recorded to have transacted business with during the mop-up exercise, fifteen (15) of the business refuted participation, twenty seven (27) were not registered as required by law, fifty two (52) was inaccessible as they could not be located and/or response to their telephone calls or text messages while eight (8) was not in operation during the audit field visit.

The report indicates that there is a variance of US$1,839,529.54 between the amounts sold as per the summary report provided by the CBL for beneficiaries and the amounts actually confirmed by the beneficiaries, while eighty-nine (89) beneficiaries with total amount of US$5,670,880.00 could not confirm the amounts transacted with the CBL in United States Dollars.

The GAC’s Audit report also shows that there is a variance of LR$108,928,788.37 between the amounts in the summary report (LRD portion) per beneficiary as presented by the CBL and that of the amount confirmed by the beneficiaries.

The GAC’s Audit report also shows that the CBL Cash Officer Records for the CBL Mop-up Teams (one, two and three) reconciled accurately with the teams Pay-In-Slips while the records of Teams four, five and six show a variance of LR$361,820.00.

The report shows that the special Mop-Up Escrow Account was opened on July 19, 2018; three days after the commencement of the mop-up exercise and an examination of the bank statement of the Account shows that the initial deposit into the account occurred on August 17, 2018; one month after the commencement of the exercise.

The report also indicates that the CBL Special Liberian Dollars Mop-Up Escrow Account shows that the amount of LR$ 2,303,363,898.00 was transferred to the Operational Vault of the CBL whereas the CBL in a Press Statement dated March 5, 2019 indicated that LR$ 1,300,000,000.00 was transferred from the Liberia Dollars Special Escrow Account to the operational vault for re-infusion into the economy.

The assessment of the GAC’s Audit Report as indicated above shows enormous discrepancies and irregularities in the implementation of the mop-up exercise, thus raising suspicion of corruption. Hence, a criminal investigation was recommended and subsequently approved by the Officer-in-Charge (OIC) of the LACC to make a determination of criminal culpability, thus leading the LACC to commencing its investigation On May 30, 2019 and subsequent writing the office of the Auditor General R/L requesting all relevant documentations which support the findings of the GAC’s Audit Report relating to the implementation of the US$25 million mop-up exercise for the purpose of aiding the investigation.


Analysis of interviews conducted, statements collected as well as documents received from the CBL indicate that the decision to infuse US$ 25 million in the foreign exchange market for the purpose of stabilizing the exchange rate between the Liberian and United States dollars; and that of the decision to use the Direct Mop-up Method and its immediate implementation, simultaneously took place on the same day (July 16, 2018). And commencement of the mop-up started immediately the next day (July 17, 2018), thus leaving little or no time for proper planning on the part of the CBL to undertake such a technical and sensitive economic tasks which has national security implications for the economy of the country.

Based on the findings from the investigation by the LACC, it was recommended that the Seven (7) core members of the TEMT, in the discharge of their duties as policy advisory body, and without any caution exercise poor economic judgment in endorsing the ‘Direct Mop-up Method’ contrary to conventional practices as outline in the CBL Foreign Exchange Sale Auction Rules and Regulations. And thereby defeating the intent and objective of the entire process; it is hereby recommended that the President of the Republic of Liberia review and the configuration of the TEMT and consider restructuring to include more technical people who are experts in contemporary financial and economic development policies.     

Meanwhile the investigative team at the LACC recommended that they should be charged and prosecuted following the violation of Section 12.34 (Tempering with Public Records) of the Penal Law of Liberia

Section 15.80 (d) (Economic Sabotage) of the Penal Law of Liberia

Section 3.5 (Accountability) of the Code of Conduct for Public Officials and Employees of Government.

for years now citizens of the republic of Liberia have waited for the 25million united states dollars mop up report, it is said that the report has since been completed for a long time now, and was about to be released when former Cllr. Now Mr. Ndubuisi Nwabudike  was appointed chairman of the anti-corruption agency and a sudden freeze was placed on this report, not only have the report been frozen, investigations unveiled that, there is works in the pipeline to have this damaging report revisited,

In 14 days, two weeks from now, the NATION will be officially receiving the report officially from the LACC, there will be a need to compare and contrast both reports and validate was about to be released a year ago, but was held up as the chairman was appointed the same week, whatever caused the hold up, Liberians will now be able to evaluate, but for the discrepancies identified during the investigation of the 16billion Liberian dollar saga, investigators stumbled on several items, thus leading to the investigation which had remained opened ended, but http//,blog investigative team, are continuing a full pursuit to the end.

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