Liberia Telecommunications Authority Holds Public Consultations Forum On the Quality of Service Regulations in regards to GSM Companies.

Ernest Johnson

GANTA: The Liberia Telecommunications Authority on August 4, 2022 held a day Public Consultations Forum with Stakeholders at Ganta, Nimba County

The forum was focused on the Quality of Service Regulations in regards to GSM Companies operating in the country.

The Public Consultations brought together over one hundred participants including the Students populace, Liberia Marketing Association, Motorcycle Union, Schools Administrators, FLY Nimba Coordinator, Ganta City Mayor, The Press Union of Liberia amongst others.

According to the LTA Director of Public Affairs, Madam Jarsea T. Burphy, the gathering is mainly intended to solicit feedback from consumers of services provided by GSM Companies in Liberia.

During the forum, many consumers made emphasis on the instability and poor quality of network services provided them.

Meanwhile, Madam Burphy has given the consumers the assurance of speedily working on those constraints they are faced with that had been put before the LTA.


Liberia Land Authority Concludes Workshop On Speedy Adjudication Of Land Related Matters.

David Arbar Sewarlu +231770190860/+231880063524

GBARNGA: The Liberia Land Authority has concluded a three-day workshop on the speedy adjudication of land and related matters in various courts in Liberia

The workshop was attended by Circuit and Probate Court Judges, Magistrates, and other judiciary actors from the fifteen Counties in Gbarnga, Bong County.

The event which commenced on August 1-3 at the Passion Hotel in Gbarnga City, Bong County was part of the Liberia Land Authority’s effort to begin the speedy adjudication of land and its related matters, especially for circuit and probate court judges, magistrates, and other judiciary actors in Liberia.

Marking remarks at the opening of the program in Gbarnga, the Director for Administration/HR and Training Aryee K Williams narrated that the exercise was meant to enhance the understanding of justice actors on the work of the LLA as well as the Land Administration in the promotion of the 2018 Land Rights Act and the Act against the criminal conveyance of land in Liberia.

Director Williams further noted that the event was designed to speedily address and apprehend major issues of arising land challenges faced by the judiciary and key justice actors who play critical roles in policy formulization and the revitalization of the ongoing legal land reforms process by the 2018 Land Rights Acts enacted by the national legislature.

The three days event was supported by the Inclusive Land Administration Management (ILAMP) with funding from the Swedish International Agency (Sida) and implemented by Lanmateriate.

Participants of the event were drawn from the National Trial Judges throughout the fifteen Counties in Liberia.

Speaking earlier at the ceremony, the chairman of the Liberia Land Authority Atty. J Adam Manobah, Sr argued that the absence of a well-coordinated and a speedy adjudication of land related matters, it would be difficult to address the many land conflicts and its related matters, as well as promote land ownership and investment by community members and investors.

The chairman however called on judiciary actors from across the country to act now and accelerate efforts in resolving land conflicts as institutions they heavily rely on them in the adjudication process of land cases in the Country.

He extended his profound gratitude to the Chief Justice of Liberia Cllr. Francis Korkpor as well as Judiciary Actors for the collaboration and expressed hope that all would be done by the two institutions in the adjudication of land and its related matters across the Country.

For her part, Bong County superintendent Esther Y Walker extolled the administration of the LLA for the exercise and expressed her office’s unflinching support for the process.

According to madam walker, the event is not only meant to widen the existing knowledge of judiciary actors but would further help in the interpretation of the 2018 Land Rights Act and the works of the LLA across the Country.

She narrated that as the result of limited knowledge of the Land Rights Act, citizens are yet to understand their rights in land matters, thus serving as proponents for land conflicts and disputes in communities across the country.



BARCLAY TRAINING CENTER, MONROVIA- 4 AUGUST 2022: A contingent from the Armed Forces of Liberia has arrived in the Ivorian City of Yamoussoukro to participate in the country’s National Day celebrations.

Ivory Coast is expected to observe its 62nd Independence Celebrations on August 7, 2022.
The delegation which is headed by Deputy Defense Minister for Operations, Prince K. Vincent, includes the Armed Forces of Liberia Chief of Staff, Maj/Gen. Prince C. Johnson, III, and Assistant Minister for Public Affairs, Sam K. Collins.

This is the first time that the new Liberian army has been invited to participate in the Ivorian Independence celebrations.

Speaking upon the team’s arrival in the Ivory Coast, Armed Forces of Liberia Chief of Staff Maj/Gen. Prince C. Johnson, lll, said “The Liberian military is grateful for the invitation extended to the AFL to participate in the Ivorian Independence celebrations.”

He added that the invitation shows the level of cordiality between the Armed Forces of Liberia and the Armed Forces of the Ivory Coast.

The Armed Forces of Liberia is the only foreign military that is expected to participate in the parade of troops doing the Independence Day celebrations of the Ivory Coast.

Since the arrival of the AFL contingent in the Ivory Coast, they have been involved in rehearsal drills ahead of the main program.

MONROVIA: Liberia National Police Investigates John F. Kennedy Medical Center

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The Liberia National Police (LNP) has launched an Investigation involving the management of the John F. Kennedy Memorial hospital for the recent death of a patient who allegedly jumped from the facility’s 3rd flood and died.

According to reports, Dennis Koon 43yrs old had been in the hospital for treatment but had attempted escaping the facility on several occasions due to his inability to make payments.

Hours following the man’s death, death, John F Kennedy hospital management in a release, refuted media reports surrounding Dennis’s death.

In the release, the management of JFK indicated that Dennis was readmitted on July 6, 2022 after spending 27 days at the hospital by a report from the hospital social services department. According to the hospital, the late Dennis was informed that he would be discharged today, during which time, he whispered to his colleagues that was going for a walk and also use the washroom.

“A few minutes after, students of the TNIMA alerted trauma nurses that a patient had jumped from the 3rd floor and collided with the concrete below sustaining major injuries to include massive head trauma”, JFK release noted.

The release further states that Dennis was pronounced dead 10minutes after was rushed into the trauma unit by Nurses. He reportedly died as a result of Traumatic Brain Injury and Secondary jumping from 3rd floor bathroom of the JFK.

The JFK management release extended condolences to the bereaved family over the death of their loved one as his body was being deposited in the morgue.

Meanwhile, Some Liberians have pointed accusing fingers at JFK for negligence over the death of the 43 yrs old man.

The LNP has however assured the public of their plans to providing Information as the Investigation continues.

Leaders Should not be Complacent with the Positions. Says Richard Saah Gbollie

MARGIBI: A Senatoral hopeful in margibi county Richard Saah Gbollie called on the leadership of various communities in the county to not be complacent but work to bring changes to their communities.

He further called on other Community leaders to follow the leadership of world Bank Community if they want to bring development in theirs community. Adding, sanitation and hygiene are to be looked at.

Hon. Gbollie who donated the amount of 20,000 LRD as initial contribution to the newly inducted leadership also Pledged additional 100,000LRD toward the Developments of the Community.

Also speaking, the chair of the Community Madam Tellewo Coral Jallah thanks Hon. Gbollie for honoring their invitation to serve as guest speaker, for his contribution towards the development of the community and vowed that the money Will be use for the intended purpose.

The newly inducted Community chair also use the occasion to appreciate the dwellers of World Bank Community and promised to work with everyone there by calling on the opposition parties to join her in moving the community forward.

Name: Alfred J. Joemah
Number: 0777868791
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Dr. Smith Care Initiative Graduates Several Women in Skills Training.

Kakata: A group under the banner Dr. Smith Care initiative in collaboration with the Lula Dream on 16 July graduated over Seventy Students from Various Skills Training program in Kakata City, Margibi County.

The two months program which cover different disciplines including, Soap making,Peace building among others was sponsored by a representative hopefor of district three, Margibi County, Dr. John Sulonta Smith Jr.

Speaking at the occasion, the Chief Executive Officer of Dr. Smith Care initiative Dr. John Sulonta Smith expressed delight over the Successful Completions of the two months Skills Training program stating that Skills training Programs are ways of empowering citizens particularly those who didn’t acquired formal education.

Dr. Smith however disclosed that all is now set for the extension of the program to nearly every part of district#3 and beyond.
At the same time, he admonished the graduates to make use of the skills and knowledge acquired in order to make a difference in their respective Communities.

For his part, the Former Vice president of the Federation of Liberian Youths (FLY) Mr. Jacob Flomo appreciated Dr. Smith Care initiative and the Lula Dream for their numerous support towards the people of district#3 Margibi County.

He meanwhile used the occasion to encourage the graduates to remain focus and put into practice what they have learned.

He at the same time called on the government of Liberia to support the graduates and the institution in making sure that their dreams come true adding that the program will help Citizens become independent if extended to every Community within the District and Margibi County at large.

The graduates however lauded Dr. Smith and the Dr Smith Care initiative for the support and knowledge they have acquired, something they said will live with them for the rest of their lives.

Name: Alfred J. Joemah
Number: 0777868791
WhatsApp number: 0886772585

LNP Charges and Forwards Man, 27 to Court for Alleged Murder


July 6, 2022 The Liberia National Police has forwarded to court a 27 year-old man identified as Patrick Kollie, a resident of Police Academy Community and an employee of the Executive Protective Service (EPS) in connection to the shooting incident that took place on July 4, 2022 at the Police Academy Junction that left one person dead.

During police preliminary investigation, it was established that while suspect Patrick Kollie was on his way to his Police Academy residence, he came across some alleged attackers who tried to molest him, thereby impeding his movement.

The investigation further revealed that while the argument was ongoing between the suspect and the alleged attackers, Agent Kollie went into his parked vehice and took his assigned arm, 9MM Norinco pistol with serried number LR/EPS/409730767.

Accordingly, the investigation established that when the alleged aggressors realized that suspect Patrick Kollie was in possession of firearm, they they took to their heels and passed by an approaching motorbike.

The investigation established that while the alleged Criminals were passing by an approaching motorbike, suspect Kollie fired a round behind the aggressors, thus hitting deceased Valentine T. Johnson above his left eye and exited behind his head leaving him unconscious and subsequently pronounced dead by doctor on call at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center.

Additionally, it was revealed that when suspect Kollie realized that when he hit the wrong person, he immediately got into his vehicle and absconded the scene.

suspect Kollie admitted discharging fire arm and further said that he was attacked by a group of Criminals who wanted to take his assigned arm. He added that in the process, the arm got discharged thereby hitting a civilian who was riding on an approaching motorbike.

The investigation also established that suspect Patrick Kollie’s action clearly shows that he was in flagrant violation of rule 4 of the basic firearm cardinal rule that states, “Beware of your target and what is beyond your target”.

In view of the foregoing and circumstances surrounding the death of deceased Valentine T. Johnson, coupled with physical evidence (9mm Norinco pistol) adduced as well as eye witnesses accounts, the investigation has resolved to charge Suspect Patrick Kollie with the crime of Murder which is in violation of Chapter 14, section 14.1 of the penal code of the Republic of Liberia and forwarded to court for prosecution.

Signed: _____________________
H. Moses Carter, Sr.
Press and Public Affairs Division (U-122)
Liberia National Police, RL
Tel: 0770800122

Margibi County Educational Office Highlights Massive Improvements in the County Educational System.

MARGIBI: The office of Margibi County Educational Officer says, his administration has made a massive improvement in the county educational system since his administration took office.

Speaking at the Kakata City Hall, during the launching of the PAPD awarenesses, the administrative Assistant to the County Educational Officer Gayflor Mulbah said before they took over, the county had only three education districts namely Kakata, Marshall and Gibi Education districts with the total number of 384 schools.

He however named the lack of teachers in Early childhood education, and lack of mobility to do adequate supervision which according to him resulted to most of the schools being delabidated.

The administrative Assistant further disclosed that since they took over in 2018, the school system in the county is gradually improving as the number of schools has raised from 384 to 430 with the increment of trained teachers in the ECE department.

Mr. Mulbah at the same time said from 2018 to present, there are about 509 schools in the county, stating that the issue of employment was also one of the major challenge faced by the past administration, something he said their administration began addressing since 2021 May.

According to Mr. Mulbah, the first batch of 52 teachers were placed on payroll in August, follow by a second batch of 56 teachers in May of this year, with additional 61 teachers there by changing the number of teachers that were on payroll in Margibi County from eight hundred sixteen to nine hundred ninety four.

The office of the county educational officer also revealed that by the end of June of this year, another batch of teachers will be placed on government payroll.

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Indian Business Man, Jetty Disclose Plans to Employ Over Thousand of Liberians.

As part of effort to reduce the unemployment rate in Liberia, Indian business man, Jetty says his company is expected to employ about one thousand Liberians.

Speaking at the Facebook Enterlicture Forum in Weala Town , Jetty told the people of Weala that ninty five percent of his employees at the Jetty Rubber Factory will come from the Lackay Ta Township.

He added that his first priority will be the people of Weala and it surrounding, as the factory is situated in their area.

Meanwhile, he is calling on females who have driving lessens to take advantage of the opportunity as first preference will be given to them. He said women are the mothers, sisters and caretakers of the home as such, they need to be empower.

He however disclosed to the citizens of Weala that the company will immediately start operation in January or February of 2023.
He at the same time promised to build a clinic that will provide health services for the people of Lackay Ta Township and it surrounding.
Adding, he will bring a qualified doctor who will head the clinic in the company.

The CEO of the company maintained that plan is on the way of talking to one of the banks operating in the country to bring a sub branch at the factory to enable the people of the surrounding area get access to serving their money.

In another development, the Indian National luaded Senator Nuquay for offering him a launching place.
He said Hon. Nuquay being a humanitarian, offered him a house to live in till the construction of the factory is over.

Jetty meanwhile disclosed his death wail that when he dies in or out of Liberia, his dead body should be brought to Liberia, be creemited in Marshall and the atches be thrown in the Weal River in Margibi County. .

For their part, the Facebook enterlicture forum called on Mr Jetty to allow some members to have site visitation at the factory.
They further asked the Indian business man to aid them with a dstv and pa system that will enable the forum to operate smoothly and also to serve as sponsor to the forum.

Responding to the forum quest, Jetty promised to allow the forum to have the site visitation but for the sponsorship, he pleaded to them to allow him start operation at the factory after which he will be thinking about that plat.

Name: Alfred J. Joemah
Number: 0777868791
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Liberian Delegation To Meet The Government Of Oman on Humans Trafficking Saga


Liberia: Labour Minister, Cllr. Charles H. Gibson has disclosed that a Liberian delegation will soon be traveling to Oman for a meeting with the Omani government to negotiate and sign a memorandum of understanding between the two countries to help resolve increased concerns of human trafficking of Liberian citizens.

The Memorandum of Understanding will mainly focus on regularizing the status of Liberian citizens, especially young women, some of whom seeking employment opportunities in that Arab Golf Nation to provide safe working environment for their rights not to be violated, or being used as domestic slaves.

The Liberian delegation that are expected to meet with the Omani government will be composed of the Ministers of Labour, Justice and Foreign Affairs.

According to Minister Gibson, through the Liberian Government intervention with support from other partners in recent time, a new batch of about 21 Liberian ladies have crossed from Oman to Dubai and are expected to book a flight to Liberia and reunite with their families.

The Liberia Labour Minister furthered disclosed that, some young Liberian women that were trafficked to Oman have returned home and trained; and few have also been employed to work with the safe home and carry out awareness about the danger of human trafficking in various communities that has the propensity to discourage other Liberian girls wishing to travel to Oman in sought of jobs as domestic servants.

In a related development, the Labour Minister who is the Chairman of the “Anti-Human Trafficking Taskforce” of Liberia has expressed the need for the convening of a special symposium for Judges, Prosecutors and public defense counsels to enhance the proper implementation of the recently amended Anti Human Trafficking law.

He observed that during the last term of court two judges rendered sentences of convicts inconsistent with the law.

Minister Gibson who spoke during a Trafficking In Person (TIP) meeting that brought together many organizations that are partnering with the government of Liberia, in fighting against Human Trafficking and Child labor said, over the last eight months, there have been seven cases on Human Trafficking and Child labor in the court winning six and losing none, but only one had a hung jury or missed trial.

He therefore informed the gathering that, there are three more cases pending in Kakata, Vojamah and at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia for hearings.

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Deputy Director For Public Affairs/Communications
Ministry Of Labour, Monrovia Liberia.
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