Disable Man in Bong Wants Assistance To Acquire Higher Education.

By :J Boimah Johnson Email: jangarjohnson@gmail.com

Bong County_A disable man in Bong County has lunched an appeal to humanitarians, non governmental organizations and the group of 77 to help people living with disabilities in the rural part of Liberia.

Speaking to journalist in Bong County, Mr. Austin Leaylea disclosed that they as persons with disabilities have been rejected by their family members, friends and their leaders, something he described as a distressing situation for them.

He said they as person with disabilities are also important in the society, but have been down play because of their ailment in society.

Austin Leaylea who is an resident of Bong County, said people living with disabilities in the rural part of Liberia continue to face lot of challenges ranging from lack of support from their family members, friends and leaders in the country.

Mr Leaylea who is a 2009/2010 graduate of the St Peter’s Episcopal High School in Gbarnga, is calling on well meaningful citizens to help him further his education at college level in other to acquire higher education.

He told newsman that since his graduation from high school, he is yet to receive help from family members neither friends to enable him acquire higher education.
The 31, years old disable who is eager to further his education told reporters that they as people living with disabilities in the rural part of Liberia have been abandoned by disable grouping in the country.

He wants the mother arm of all the disable groups, in Liberia to focus on people living with disabilities in the rural areas in other to improve their living conditions, stating that if the opportunity is given him to further his education at the higher level, the country stands to benefit from him as a disable Man living in Bong County.

He furthered that his request is not based on what he can generate and put in his pocket, but what will improve him and other disable persons in the society.
“If I am well educated today, I believe that, I can serve my country with passion and dignity despite my my living condition Mr Leaylea said.

He encouraged people living with disabilities to always focus on their goals in life and wait for God time for their betterment in society.

Mr. Austin Leaylea then called on citizens of Bong county, humanitarians, non governmental organizations, and the government of Liberia to help sponsor people living with disabilities in acquiring higher education.

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Image Builders Liberia is a not-for-profit with focus on people that are vulnerable in society. We aim to create a place where they can obtain optimum benefit and contribute to the growth and development of their communities.

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