Let’s Work Together and Answer the Hard Questions…Buchanan Port new managing director asserts.

By: Tarr UB. Garnett
Contributing Writer 0779053146

LIBERIA: The newly inducted managing director of Buchanan Port, Civicus Siokin Barsi-Giah, has challenged Liberians to put their all in what they do for their country and always show gratitude.

Speaking during his induction ceremony held at the Port’s facility, the Managing Director cautioned workers at the second largest Port in Liberia to render their service for country delicately.

The young leadership expert appointment at the double pier facility came weeks after a financial extravagancy exiled his predecessor; while hooking three others for an uncountable amount of finances.

He lauded the president for giving him the chance to serve his people, while at the same time acknowledging Hon. Bill Twehway for his preferment as head of Buchanan port that receives  iron ore from the mines at YekepaNimba County through a 250 km railway originally built by the now defunct Liberian-American-Swedish Minerals Company (LAMCO).

 Civicus at the same time informed staffs at the port of the need to work together and answer the hard questions.

“Only when we cooperate, only when we collaborate and coexist; we can answer the hard questions”. The new MD asserted.

The former executive management consultant in the office of the NPA boss, called for an atmosphere of peace if they must forge ahead in achieving the desirable results.

For his part, the superintendent of Grand Bassa County, Janjay Biakpah, called on citizens to work collaboratively with their own son. Addressing scores of attendees during the occasion, the superintendent vowed to work and stand firm with the young Tuazama separate awards winner 2021, to ensure a success in his leadership.

Officially turning over the Gable of authority to the newly inducted MD, the acting Port manager madam Oretha Zeon affirmed her commitment to work with her boss in getting the achievable results. She also used the occasion to dispell falsehoods which according to her had the tendency of damaging cordiality between she and her new boss. Before retiring from the podium, she, on behalf of the entire work force  gowned the new MD as a symbol of their commitment in executing his plans.

The new Buchanan port managing director started active work on the port Monday, September 6, 2021.


Buchanan is the port for the 250 km railway that brings iron ore from the mines at YekepaNimba County. Originally built by the now defunct Liberian-American-Swedish Minerals Company (LAMCO) in 1960. The rail line has now (as of 2012) been revitalized by the Arcelor Mittal Company.

Rubber and palm oil once were also shipped out of the Port of Buchanan. Africa’s first iron-ore washing and pelletizing plant was opened in Buchanan in 1968.

The Harbor is protected by two breakwaters, 1890 and 590 long respectively. Inside the basin, a 255 meters long ore loading quay is located adjacent to the deeper section of the harbor basin, providing a water depth of 12.95m below chart datum. Adjacent to the loading quay, a waiting berth for ore carriers is available. On the inner side of secondary breakwater, a commercial quay, 334 meters long is located with available water depth of 9.5 m.

Latitude: 5° 51′ 29" N

Longitude: 10° 3′ 15" W

This plant was severely damaged during the first Liberian civil war (1989-1996). It is reported that the plant was later sold off as scrap metal to a Chinese buyer in 2010. According to the former managing-director of Liberia’s National Port Authority, Togba Ngangana, Chinese investors signed a memorandum of understanding to build a manufacturing zone outside the southern port of Buchanan which would produce 50,000 jobs. This is in addition to an undisclosed amount of low-interest loans, debt relief and other incentives.

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