Representative Hopeful Gets honored by a women group in Bong County.


Bong County: Several women under the banner “Kpaii District women Association” a non for profits organization in Bong County have honored Jousah Better for his numerous contributions to the livelihood development of the ordinary people in the County.

The organization which was founded in early 2017 has little over one hundred members with the purpose of bringing together women of like mind’s to organize themselves to create village saving and loans among others.

The well decorated program was graced by prominent citizens of the county including local leaders, youths and women organization in Jorquelleh District # 2.

According to the president of the organization Madam Leliah Torkolon, Mr. Better over the time past has contributed positively to the growth and development of the organization despite the challenges.

She told our Bong County correspondent since the formulation of their organization in 2017, Mr Jousah D. K. Better has been the only person that continues to support their workings.

“We have asked other people to help us in the past but there have been no fruitful results, but for you that is not the case, today you are in our midst telling us to find a land space for the organization to build our office we are happy of that” said madam Torkolon added.

For his part the honorees Mr. Jousah D K Better expressed total happiness for the honor bestowed upon him by the woman group and term it as a success, He however encouraged the women group to stand with him in order to replace his boss Senator Moye.

The representative hopeful in the upcoming by election in Electoral District#2, Bong County assured the woman group in the district, if elected as the next law maker for the district he will provide more loans for business women and men in order to improve their living standard in the society.

Mr. Jousah D K Better who works in the offices of former representative Prince Kermue Moye as chief of staff has caution citizens of the District to elect him to continue the developmental activities of his boss Senator Moye in the district, and the county at large.

He told the women, electing him to serve the district will not be a mistake because he understands the legislative proceeding at the lower house, based on his working experience with honorable Moye for the past eight years at the House of Representatives.

He ended up by asking the women group to search for a suitable land space to be purchase for the construction of their organization office.

Mr. Better is among several sons in the district that have expressed interest in contesting for the representative seat in the district, that is currently vacant due to its lawmaker ascendancy at the house of Senate.


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