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“Rescue, Rebuild and Restore Strategy by Representative Edward Karfiah is Deceitful”.Says Jonathan Devine Williams

BONG:The chairman of an organization purporting to be “the movement to retire representative Karfiah comes 2023” has described the recently launched “Triple- R” strategy by Rep. Karfiah as a failure.

Speaking in the district recently, Mr. Jonathan Divine Williams said the “Rescue, Rebuild and restore” political strategy launched in Palala, Kpaai district by Representative Edward Karfiah is deceitful and not in the interest of Bongese.

Divine Williams wonders why Rep Karfiah after approximately twelve years at the legislature has not “Rescued, Rebuilt and restored” district #5, a mini portion of the county but promising to do so when elected senator to steer the affairs of the county.

” If you truly have the intention to rescue, rebuild and restore liberians, why you have not done that for the people of district #5 for over twelve years at the legislature but promising to do so when elected as senator for the county “.

Williams named the lack of office space for the district, the underdevelopment of electoral district #5, among others as continuous failures for the representative for nearly 12th years at the helm of power.

Meanwhile, the purported chairman against Karfiah’s re-election comes 2023 vowed to vigorously campaign against him to deliver the county.

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