Voters Roll Update Risked Being Cancelled as The Colaborating Political Party files legal action against National Election Commission.

The Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) comprising of the All Liberian Party, Alternative National Congress, Liberty Party and the Unity Party have filed legal actions to the Supreme Court of Liberia against the National Election Commission (NEC) for alleged several electoral offenses.

Amongst many issues in the legal documentation is the uncontrollable voters trucking, refusal of the National Election Commission to clean up the Voter Roll amongst others.

The opposition CPP accuses NEC of engaging in a voter roll update basically characterized by fraud and illegality; wrongfully proceeding by piling up the already messy voter roll.

CPP Leader, Alexander B. Cummings, Benoni W. Urey, Nyonblee Karnga Lawrwnce and Joseph N. Boakai, members of the CPP Legislative Caucus, candidates for CPP December 8 Senatorial election and leaders of the four constituent parties lead the parade to the court where the legal team of the body filed official papers.

As of Wednesday September 23, 2020 CPP informed leaders of the constituent political parties, members of the CPP’s Legislative Caucus, all candidates for the December 2020 Senatorial Elections, members of the Advisory Council, Executive Committee and Secretariat of the CPP, to assemble at the Headquarters of the Liberty Party to escort the CPP’s Legal Team to the Supreme Court for the filing of Legal Actions against the National Elections Commission.

Meanwhile a member of the ruling party Acarous Gray termed their action as a scare tactics meant to render the election unfair even before the process commences.

He told a local radio that the opposition establishment should man up and go to the December polls that is expected to be free, fair and transparent.

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