The founder and CEO of Nasser Youth Initiative calls on citizens for collective efforts in the fight against COVID-19.

By: J. Boimah Johnson

The Chief Executive Officer of the Nasser Youth Initiative (NYI), a non for profit organization operating in the country, Mohammed A. Nasser is calling for collaborative efforts in the fight against the coronavirus in Liberia central Bong County as cases of the pandemic continue to soar.

Mr. Nasser said it is important that citizens of the county put aside their political differences and join hands together in battling the unwelcome stranger in the county.

Said Mr. Nasser, “This is time that we are to come together and fight this disease because the lives of our people matters a lot. We did it in 2014 against the Ebola pandemic; we can do the same against COVID-19. I am therefore asking all sons and daughters of this great county to join the government of Liberia through the Ministry of Health and partners in fighting this coronavirus.”

He made the passionate plead recently in a YMCA Radio 95.1MHz early morning show (Y-Morning Light from Monrovia.

Moreover, the NYI’s CEO has called on all Liberians  to continue to wash their hands, use face mask, avoid crowded places and stop shaking hand if the pandemic is to be controlled or eradicated including taking of the COVID-19 vaccines despite the prevailing circumstances.

He said taking the vaccine is helpful to everyone because the coronavirus will not be more severe than those who will not take it.

“I am calling on all Bongese and well-meaning Liberians and foreign residents alike to join us in this campaign in order to end this global pandemic. Remember that this virus is not only in Liberia but across the world,” Mr. Nasser encouraged his people.

As a way of embodying selfless leadership and proving how safe the vaccines are, Mr. Nasser has been vaccinated.

The Bong County native then informed his colleague’s young people that the vaccine is very much safe and worthy to be taken, noting that he felt relief, in a sense that he had gotten assistance to fight COVID-19.

He continued, “The vaccines benefits continue to overshadow its risks, and as such I want all my people to get vaccinated in spite of misinformation surrounding the vaccine”.

Additionally, Mohamed Nasser said it is important to continue adherence to public health preventive measures in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 even after you are fully vaccinated.

Testing, according to health expects plays a cardinal role in our efforts to contain and mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic by identifying infected individuals to help prevent further person to person transmission of COVID-19.

Since the outbreak of the third wave, Mr. Nasser and his team through his humanitarian organization have distributed several anti-coronavirus materials in the county.

Some of the materials include; nose masks, hand washing buckets, hand sanitizers among others to residents across Bong County.

The exercise which started in Salala district in lower Bong County has been glorified by residents of the county.

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