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Dead or Alive? ……. Skeptics plunder over the mysterious Disappearance of Former Chief of Office Staff at the 54th Legislature, Andrew Tamba Smart?

Andrew Smart and Alleged Attackers

Tarr Garnett

The Liberian legislature in recent years has turned a protest ground with employees of that honorable body alarming over failure on the part of their bosses to settle arrears and or benefit owed them.

Few months ago, similar action from legislative staffers stalled one of the sittings at the 54th legislature. Similarly, this has been the case of the former chief of office staff in the office of Montserrado County, District six Representative, Samuel Enders. Andrew Smart has over the past one year tirelessly alarmed over the District six lawmaker failure to settle their arrears since his dismissal from the honorable man’s office.

It has been five months since Andrew Smart, former chief of office staff in the office of Montserrado County, District six Representative, Samuel Enders, was last seen on Front Page Africa alarming over threats and physical attacks on his life by the lawmaker.

Smart who was reportedly dismissed unlawfully from the lawmaker’s office on the 10th of October 2019, had since been alarming over arson attacks on his family. He has attributed said threats and arson attacks to the lawmaker who he claimed had been chief sponsor of said attacks.

It can be recalled that the former chief of office staff, Andrew Smart, alarmed over what he termed as unlawful dismissal by Montserrado County District six representative Samuel Enders for his stance on financial entitlement due them from extraordinary sittings of the 54th legislature in 2019.

According to recordings in the possession of this paper, the district six lawmaker was heard in a heated argument with his former office staff after the fiancée of Hon. Enders confronted Smart regarding his failure to settle staffers of his office upon receiving funding for the extraordinary sitting.

In said recording the district lawmaker is heard asking Andrew Smart what he had explained to his concubine regarding funding for the extraordinary sitting.

This sparked up serious argument that eventually led to the immediate dismissal of Andrew Smart by his boss, Representative Samuel Enders. Following the leaked audio, the lawmaker was contacted and he stated clearly that his former chief of office staff was dismissed as a result of behaving unruly.

Though there have been several attempts by the dismissed COS to collect he and other staffers arrears and benefits from the lawmaker’s office, all of said attempts have been resisted with threats, arrest from police and incarceration, arson attacks and now it has resulted to his life being threatened by individuals he claimed to be adherents of his former boss, Representative Samuel Enders.

In early 2021, a video circulated on social media displaying an opened attack by group of individuals that converged at the home of Andrew Smart in District six, Montserrado County.

In that video, the lawmaker was seen clearly in red T-shirt giving instructions for his former COS to be mercilessly flogged by agents provocateurs operating under his instruction. Following that attack Andrew explained to reporters that his home was broken into but fortunately he was nowhere to be found.

Following the housebreak at Andrew Smart’s residence, he immediately abandoned his residence along with his family and was last seen on April 1, 2021 in an exclusive interview with Front Page Africa where he openly alleged that Representative Enders wanted him dead. According to Andrew Smart live interview with Front Page Africa, he was heard informing the world that Hon. Enders fear comes as a result of his invaluable services rendered as COS coupled with personal information that is tantamount to seeing the honorable man facedown. These information also include detail about Hon. Enders’ “ African Dream Academy”  which he raises from international partners (specifically from the United states). He added that the lawmaker also sees him as a potential threat for his re-election in 2023.

He noted that these amongst other reasons are purposefully why the lawmaker wants him dead. There’ve been lots of public outcry regarding the safety of Smart and more particularly his whereabouts since he was last interviewed by Front Page Africa in April of this year. However, reliable information reaching this paper suggests that Andrew T. Smart is not within the territorial boundaries of Liberia. We’re yet to authentic where exactly he escaped along with his family. More details will be published as we continue our independent investigation.  

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