“ NO MORE HONEYMOON ” Says The Reinstatement Managing Director of the Liberia Water And Sewer Corporation ( LWSC).

( LWSC) managing Director Duannah Kamara

Liberia: Following the reinstatement of the Liberia Water And Sewer Corporation ( LWSC) managing Director Hon. Duannah Kamara, a major meeting has been held between the workforce and the management team of the entity.

The mass meeting which was convened on Wednesday, September 8,2021, brought together majority LWSC employees from all its out stations including both middle level managers and top managers.

Speaking to the staff, MD Kamara called on the workforce to be robust and rigorous in the discharge of their duties and functions in keeping with their employment “ Terms of reference.”

According to the “ new “ Duannah Kamara, his return at the Corporation is a chance to right whatever that has been perceived by both his employees and the public as “ wrong doings.

“ My being here today is an opportunity to make this place work at all costs, make our payroll current and above all , serve the Liberian people”; MD Kamara told the workforce.

LWSC Managing Director told his staff that under the new LWSC, there will be absolutely no space for any form of ineffectiveness, delinquency or theft of properties on the job.

“ Our President saw the need to send me back following the General Auditing Commission’s report because of his desire to serve our people well and this we must do at all costs”.

Duannah Kamara however threatened drastic administrative actions ranging from suspension to dismissal against employees who are fond of abandoning their jobs.

“ We will also dismiss any employee found in water theft and unauthorized collection of LWSC bills”; Kamara noted .

“ There is no more time for play on the job; and stealing from the public utility;there is absolutely no more honey moon at LWSC”; the new Duannah Kamara.

Managing Director Kamara concluded by thanking the GAC for conducting the audit at his institution and lauded the World Bank for continual support to the corporation.

For their part, the jubilant and energized LWSC workforce welcomed their boss back and thanked the president for his reinstatement.

The LWSC employees committed themselves to ensuring that the agenda of the Duannah Kamara’s administration is implemented to the core .


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