MONROVIA: Liberia National Police Investigates John F. Kennedy Medical Center

David Arbar Sewarlu 0770190860/0880063524

The Liberia National Police (LNP) has launched an Investigation involving the management of the John F. Kennedy Memorial hospital for the recent death of a patient who allegedly jumped from the facility’s 3rd flood and died.

According to reports, Dennis Koon 43yrs old had been in the hospital for treatment but had attempted escaping the facility on several occasions due to his inability to make payments.

Hours following the man’s death, death, John F Kennedy hospital management in a release, refuted media reports surrounding Dennis’s death.

In the release, the management of JFK indicated that Dennis was readmitted on July 6, 2022 after spending 27 days at the hospital by a report from the hospital social services department. According to the hospital, the late Dennis was informed that he would be discharged today, during which time, he whispered to his colleagues that was going for a walk and also use the washroom.

“A few minutes after, students of the TNIMA alerted trauma nurses that a patient had jumped from the 3rd floor and collided with the concrete below sustaining major injuries to include massive head trauma”, JFK release noted.

The release further states that Dennis was pronounced dead 10minutes after was rushed into the trauma unit by Nurses. He reportedly died as a result of Traumatic Brain Injury and Secondary jumping from 3rd floor bathroom of the JFK.

The JFK management release extended condolences to the bereaved family over the death of their loved one as his body was being deposited in the morgue.

Meanwhile, Some Liberians have pointed accusing fingers at JFK for negligence over the death of the 43 yrs old man.

The LNP has however assured the public of their plans to providing Information as the Investigation continues.

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