Liberia Telecommunications Authority Holds Public Consultations Forum On the Quality of Service Regulations in regards to GSM Companies.

Ernest Johnson

GANTA: The Liberia Telecommunications Authority on August 4, 2022 held a day Public Consultations Forum with Stakeholders at Ganta, Nimba County

The forum was focused on the Quality of Service Regulations in regards to GSM Companies operating in the country.

The Public Consultations brought together over one hundred participants including the Students populace, Liberia Marketing Association, Motorcycle Union, Schools Administrators, FLY Nimba Coordinator, Ganta City Mayor, The Press Union of Liberia amongst others.

According to the LTA Director of Public Affairs, Madam Jarsea T. Burphy, the gathering is mainly intended to solicit feedback from consumers of services provided by GSM Companies in Liberia.

During the forum, many consumers made emphasis on the instability and poor quality of network services provided them.

Meanwhile, Madam Burphy has given the consumers the assurance of speedily working on those constraints they are faced with that had been put before the LTA.


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