NEC Board of Commissioners declares CPP Candidate Simeon Taylor, winner of the 8 December 2020 Special Senatorial Election in Grand Cape Mount County.

D. Sewarlu 0775251213/0880063524

The BOC, on Monday through its Chairperson, Davidetta Browne Lansanah following the ruling, instructed the Certification Committee of NEC-Liberia, with immediate effect, to go ahead with all necessary modalities leading to the certification of Simeon Taylor as Senator Elect of Grand Cape Mount County.

But the legal team of the Complainant, Victor Watson, of the Coalition for Democratic Change, CDC, led by Cllr. Sheik Salibu Sesay has accepted the ruling and announced an appeal to the Supreme Court of Liberia.

NEC-Liberia Commissioner, Cllr. Ernestine Morgan Awar reads BOC’s ruling Cape Mount Election Case.

In the BOC ruling, read by Commissioner Cllr. Ernestine Morgan Awar, the Administrative Court said, the complainant Victor Watson filed to proof the allegations of double registration and voting, pre-marked ballots, stopping of his party agents by mobs of Simeon Taylor from entering voting centers and the forging of signatures of his party agents on the record of the count.

The BOC, through Commissioner Morgan Awar said, the Hearing Officer Atty. Fumba Swaray did not err to dismiss and deny the action of appeal of fraud and irregularity filed by Victor Watson, who witnesses failed to identify any record of the count that signatures of their party agents were forged.

On the allegations that Simeon Taylor double register and voted in Lofa Bridge and Tahn Polling places, and that relatives of Mr. Taylor listed in the Final Registration Roll, FRR were the same that were listed in the FRR in Than.

The case grew out of the action of an appeal, electoral fraud and irregularity filed by Victor Watson, Candidate of the CDC, as Complainant versus the National Elections Commission, first respondent and Simeon Taylor of the CPP as second respondent.

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