Help the Children for their Future has distributes food and non food items to less fortunate children in Bong County .

By: J Boimah JohnsonEmail:

As Liberians gear up for the July 26 celebration, an organization called Help the Children for their Future has donated food and non food items to less-fortunate children.

Giving the overview of the organization during the presentation, the founder and chief executive officer of the organization Mr. Samuel K. Kollie jr, said the organization dream came as a result of his daughter illness, something that led him to formulate the organization to help less fortunate children in the country.

According to Mr. Samuel K. Kollie jr, the organization was founded in December 6, 2020 as the result of the pain his daughter went through at the hospital, something he said was necessary for him to formulate the organization to help other less fortunate children and disable that he feels they are going through the sorrow his daughter is undergoing.

Speaking to our Bong County correspondent the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Help the Children for their Future recounted that the organization deem it necessary to help less fortunate and physically change for them to feel the impact of the society by thinking about them in a positively direction.

Mr. Kollie stated that his organization is aiming at helping less fortunate and physically change in Bong County and other counties in the country to better their living conditions, something that he said cannot be over emphasized at the moment.

A boy by the name of Jeremiah Kollie age 11, a resident of Gbarnga who is always seeing selling coconut to sustain him and his parents was also one of the beneficiaries, who received a carton of nutrition food in order to help him and his family as a way of giving back to the needy in the society.

Some of those items distributed include 25kg bags of rice, clothes and feet wear among other to other less fortunate children in the county as a mean of sharing with them ahead of the July 26 celebration.

Mr. Kollie who is a proud son of Lofa county also stated that through his friends in Liberia and aboard were able to intervene by providing some of the needed materials that were given to the citizens especially the children.

The CEO and founder of Help the Children for their Future told our correspondent his organization intent is to help many children that are in the street in order to make them useful in the society by providing scholarships for them to go to school to acquire quality education.

He however told reporter that his organization will lobby with other in Liberia and aboard to generate funds in order to help send some of those less fortunate children to school next academic year.

The useful son of Lofa County stated that his organization is a Christian related group that is in the gap of helping people to become more productive in society, by helping them to provide some of their needs and wants.

”Today I want to my story with you the press the reason of me giving back to children that are in need, my little daughter was sick when I rushed her to the hospital for treatment, the only result I could get was my daughter will not walk again and today she is in wheel chair, because of what I saw, that led me to found this organization to help other children and disable Mr. Kollie said”

Jeremiah Kollie one of the beneficiaries lauded Mr. Samuel .K. Kollie jr, for the kind gesture and called on him to keep his humanitarian gesture in order to keep helping less fortunate in the society.

Jeremiah Kollie said he was so surprised to have received a food items from Mr Samuel K. Kollie jr, through his organization and turned it as timely.

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