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Amb. Clarence H Cole, calls on the youths of Liberia to refuse the tradition of consistently being used as tools for violence.

On Tuesday, September 21, 2021 scores of youths under the theme; #PEACE; The Source of Sustainable Development gathered in the Capitol City of Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County in Liberia and held series of dialogues with the youths on the importance of maintaining the peace as Liberia prepares to go to it’s general and Presidential Elections comes 2023.

During the just ended midterm Senatorial elections (December 2020), the country noticed series of violence that allegedly resulted in the lost of lives, property damaged, serious bodily injuries, etc.

These situations were highly involved and supported by the Young people who make up over 63% of the country’s population.

Delivering the keynote address for this year Peace Day, Amb. Clarence H Cole , a youth coach and developer lauded the Youth Partnership Hub Liberia and partnering Organizations for organizing such a great platform and called on the youths of Liberia to refuse the tradition of consistently being used as tools for violence.

Amb. Cole further stressed that no matter the political indifference, young people should always remember that until our approaches are constructive and issue driven, Liberia can never developed.

Meanwhile, the second and third Speakers for their parts called on the youths to remain united as above all, Liberia shall remain our common place.

Climaxing the program, the Chairlady and chief organizer; Madam #Amina_Johnet_Watson of the Youth Partnership Hub Liberia, lauded the support of the various youth groups and expressed her gratitude on behalf of the youths, to the Office of the City Mayor of Robertsport City.

Madam Watson reaffirmed the Youth Partnership Hub Liberia commitment to working with youth led Organizations in Liberia.

SOURCE:. Youth Partnership Hub / YOLEAF NETWORK

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