Local NGO Discloses Plans To Raise Awareness With School Going Youths On The Danger Of Drugs And Other Harmful Practices.

Staffers of Young Image Builders

As a means of educating school going youths about the danger of drugs and other harmful practices a local NGO Young Image Builders has disclosed plans to raise massive awareness on various campuses across the city of Paynesville.

The move according to the organization head of advocacy is as a result of the increase in the use of harmful substances, domestic violence and child abuse in the country.

Making the disclosure to this platform the organization’s head of advocacy Yaya Moore named Child labor, Domestic violence, Child Trafficking, drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, gender based violence, mentorship, responsible citizenship and other educational activities as topics that will be targeted by the organization during the period of the awareness.

According to her, they as an organization have observed with grief concern the massive increase in the number of substance user followed by violence in the country and as such they thought it wise to initiate a project that will educate youths about the danger of substance abuse with the hope of discouraging them from getting involve in the act.

“We as a organization have seen the increase in substance users couple with violence in the country and as such we think it will be wise to begin the process of visiting various schools across the city of Paynesville so as to discourage students from getting involve in the act”  

The head of advocacy furthered that they are beginning the process in the city of Paynesville with the hope of spreading to other parts of the country based on the support and result they will get as an organization.

For his part the head of the organization D. Arbar Sewarlu attributed the increase in substance users to the lack of proper legislation, and responsible citizenship with a call on national government to pass the drug law and initiate measures that will minimize the importation and sale of drugs and other harmful substances in the country.

Mr. Sewarlu furthered that the fight against drugs and other harmful substances is a holistic fight and as such cannot be left with a specific institution stating that though the process is an expensive one his organization is making the needed sacrifices that will make Liberia better.

The fight against drugs, violence and other harmful practices remains a major concern for citizens in the country with several calls for the passage of the national drug law which currently sits at the house of legislature.

What seems to be even more disturbing is the fact that both houses seems to ignore discussion concerning the passage of the law which has left citizens to wonder as to whether their Law Makers means any good for them.

By: D. Arbar Sewarlu Contacts: +231770190860/+231880063524 Email: dsewarlu@gmail.com


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Image Builders Liberia is a not-for-profit with focus on people that are vulnerable in society. We aim to create a place where they can obtain optimum benefit and contribute to the growth and development of their communities.

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